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Qualities of Leadership
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Developing the qualities and learning the moves of Shared Leadership benefits the individual and the community. At the heart of shared leadership are two important principles. Growth wants to happen and the more possibilities we can perceive the more we are able to grow and develop. Warrior leaders see a few possibilities - if something threatens them or their organizations they respond defensively. At a country level this can mean strike back or strike first -- go to war. They do not see another option. People who follow the path of shared leadership see other options. They engage their team and the people around them in exploring these possibilities. Even in a crisis they are learning.

There are distinctive qualities present in Shared Leadership. Shared leaders understand the power of intention and are conscious of the invitation they are creating to their team and the community. They listen deeply and practice being in-learning. The are skilled at creating connections between themselves and others. They encourage and build connections within and across communities. Sensing and inviting emerging solutions to complex situations are part of their abilities. Go Deeper

There are ten energetic moves which people committed to shared leadership engage in. These moves are used in addition to traditional skills and capacities taught in business schools. They are natural and instinctive moves if you pay attention to what is going on around you. Shared Leaders understand the importance of building connections, erasing lines, creating spaces. initiating reconciliation, creating invitations,

We provide coaching and learning opportunities for managers and executives to understand these qualities, learn which are familiar to them, which they recognize and which ones are unfamiliar. Through our coaching and training programs we help you to apply the moves of shared leadership to your specific situation.


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