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Children and Leaders

children and leaders raises provocative questions about the nature of leadership in our world. Starting with the simple premise, “there are no leaders without communities; there are no communities without children,” it explores the intimate relationship between children and leaders. Unfortunately, this profound relationship is absent or dormant for many of our corporate, social, political, and religious leaders.

Vivid images of children and leaders from around the world, past and present, show us what is possible when leaders place children on their path and hold them close. The striking words and images offer hope and inspiration and, perhaps more importantly, challenge the predominant approach of warrior leaders. The leaders shown here do not control, own, or expand, but rather “hold children with the same passion other leaders demonstrate as they try to hold onto power, the land and its riches.”

children and leaders is written for everyone – offering insights, questions and choices for leaders and community members. A children-centered world is a bold vision inviting all of us to make many changes in how we think and feel. “If all leaders would agree on the happiness of children, there would be no war.

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Leaders and Listening

People are tired of leaders telling, selling, controlling, spinning their messages to control, protect, or influence. Within the fundamental framework of leadership, of the movement called leading, of the persons called leaders, is the act of listening. How can leaders know where to lead without listening first? Used in leadership programs at ExxonMobil & AT&T. Available in print or DVD
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Leadership and Energy

For centuries and still today, “warrior leaders” are the predominant form of leadership. Warrior leadership does not lead to growth – at best, it separates and protects. Understanding the nature of how communities grow is essential for anyone who desires to be named a leader. Ten high energy moves leaders can make that lead to growth and healing are simply presented.
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Messages on Growth and Healing

Ten inspirational Messages for Growth are applied to individuals, relationships, families and communities. Simple to understand and easy to apply. The more we breathe, the more we experience possibilities. The more possibilities we experience  the more we grow. These ten Messages help us experience more possibilities.
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To order contact usmailto:michael@sharedleadership.com?subject=Order%20Leadership%20and%20Energy
To order contact usmailto:michael@sharedleadership.com?subject=Messages%20on%20Growth

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