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We work with executives and teams who are creating change. This change may be in the community they lead or communities they touch. We use the word community rather than organization or business because many organizations are structured, static and controlled. Communities are organic, growing, and most importantly convey that people are present --- and part of the community because they want to be.

At Shared Leadership our focus is supporting you and your team in bringing about change.. This begins with intention setting -- becoming very clear on the changes you want to invite including the scope, speed, and urgency of the change. We help you seek out the most organic and natural way to create change, specifically matched to your organization or community and its strengths. This supports higher commitment and most importantly sustained change.

Typical projects involve: determining readiness for change, intention setting, capacity building, creating linkages, and change strategy. We work in pairs of senior consultants. Based on the project you could expect us to involve you and your team, by doing one-to-one coaching, team alignment, strategic dialogues, action learning labs, and large meetings.

Our Practice Areas are: Large Complex Change, Transforming Intractable Problems and Dilemmas, Leadership Growth and Creating Learning Organizations. 

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