When an organization commits to take responsibility everyone benefits. Responsibility appears in different forms -- caring for employees and their families; watching the impact of products or services on people and the environment; sharing help and resources with the community and with distant communities who are in need. We offer a major pathway to create corporate social responsibility in your business - creating a children centered world. Starting with the simple premise — “there are no leaders without communities; there are no communities without children” —  we believe there is a intimate and powerful relationship between children and leaders.

This relationship is absent or dormant for many of our corporate, social, political, and religious leaders. Those who practice Shared Leadership do not follow the warrior approach of control, own, and expand. They are constantly looking for ways to share resources and take care of others, We ask you  to consider - if only leaders would hold onto the children with the same passion they express to hold onto power, the land and its riches...  and... if all leaders would agree on the happiness of  children there would be no war.” A children centered world is a bold vision,  inviting all of us to make many changes in how we think and feel.

There are four area of exploration — Area 1: Spirit of Children in the organization or community; Area 2: The Children inside our businesses the families, Area 3:  The Children outside the organization, touched by your decisions, touched by your products and services, Level 4: Children and Parents Who Pray for Resources - which the business or community can share.



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